The Bodeswell Pilates Method Teacher Training programme brings you an Original Classical Pilates Qualification.


The Bodeswell Academy Training is combined as a whole, using a system of programming to provide the client with evolution of the body where and when necessary using original material, as close as we can.


We have incorporated our courses beginning with a Level 3 Matwork Programme in consideration for the UK market, as well as a globally accepted qualification in Classical Pilates teaching method.. 


The knowledge from the Matwork Qualification is then combined with our Studio Training to bring a Comprehensive Qualification. 


Our workshops are included in our training programmes however we are welcoming all Pilates teachers to learn from us whatever background. 


The Classical Pilates material is divided into sections enabling learners to train at their own pace with each division connected to the next, with continuous study on the progression of the material and the client, injuries and postures, thus fulfilling a complete comprehensive programme. If you wish to take part in our studio programmes you we advise you to complete the Matwork Programme as the continuity of the course is essential. If you have already taken a Classical Programme then get in contact with us to discuss.


We welcome all who want to discover and learn no matter what background. We welcome Pilates Teachers who would like to further their knowledge, physical therapists, dancers, sports enthusiasts, fitness teachers and those who want a career change from sitting at a desk. 

We also welcome learners of other languages than English, in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.