Whether you are starting something new with a career change or adding more strings to your porfolio of work we have something for all learners who want to study in Authentic Style of teaching Pilates from the traditional method.


The Bodeswell Academy have devised a Teacher Training programme to bring you a practical training route in stages to become an Authentic Pilates Teacher, Comprehensively in the studio or on the Mat alone.

The Pilates Teacher training programme provides learners with a deeper knowledge of the Pilates Method, and how to work with clients, analysing muscle activity and compensation patterns in order to design a traditional Pilates programme.


'All of our work has been developed from training and working with clients for over 20 years in Classical and Authentic Style Pilates'


The Bodeswell Academy Teacher Training utilises a 'system' of programming to provide the client with effective evolution of the body where and when necessary using Authentic Pilates material. By physical analysis, you as a teacher are able to develop your client away from bad habits and provide them with a deeper understanding of their body and how to achieve goals, rehabilitate after injury, before they even start their Pilates programme.


We have incorporated our courses beginning with a Level 3 Matwork Programme in consideration for the UK market, as well as a qualification in Authentic/ Classical style Pilates teaching method. Those already trained can train with us via our 2 day 'Access Course'.


The knowledge from the Matwork Programme is then combined with our Studio Training to bring a Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Programme. 


We welcome all who want to discover and learn no matter what background. We welcome Pilates Teachers who would like to further their knowledge, physical therapists, dancers, sports enthusiasts, fitness teachers and those who want a career change from sitting at a desk. 

We also welcome learners of other languages than English, in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian.