Why Choose Us?


When choosing your teacher training educators there are some questions you may need to ask yourself to ensure you get the qualification and education you desire.

What sort qualification are you looking for and what does the material cover?.

How long and how much is the course?. What opportunities and support are available during and after the course?.

You might also want to consider the amount of people on the course and your own requirements to learn.

So here we have provided a list of the reasons why you may want to train with

The Bodeswell Academy .

  • We are the only school offering Authentic Pilates Teacher Training with a Level 3 Qualification.
  • The Bodeswell Pilates Method qualification is also valid outside the U.K as an Classical/Authentic Pilates Qualification, as well as being a Level 3 UK Qualification (unregulated)
  • All courses are accredited or endorsed by the NCFE. We are also a centre of education approved by NCFE.
  • We pride ourselves on quality material, bringing you Classical/Authentic Pilates knowledge, from our own education with 2nd generation teachers and many years of working in the industry since 2001. 
  • Our courses have a small amount of learners, enabling us to work closer with each learner, mentor each learner, assisting in the development as a teacher and guiding through each part of the course.
  • The theory work and practical work are combined to provide an all rounded balance in becoming a professional Pilates Teacher.
  • The Matwork material is not only focused on the 34 exercises but looks into a deeper study, why and where do you use these exercises when teaching a client and how to manage injuries. The material is Classical/Authentic but also provides a modern approach with injuries, anatomy and client management.
  • Our other business activities consists of running a full time commercial studio in the heart of Chichester City, successfully providing classes to clients for nearly 12 years, plus the former years of teaching, so we have many years of experience and our own study of clients. You are welcome to use our facilities to learn and gather extra training in-between the course dates.
  • We can provide assistance with learning difficulties.
  • We are friendly, encouraging and have an inclusive policy.
  • We offer payment plans to make paying easier and spread the costs.
  • No extra charges, manuals and exam fees are all included. The course fee is what you pay. If you are needing to retake your final exam there will be a fee of £80.00.
  • Once passed you will be entered into our teachers directory.
  • We can also assist with other languages in Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.
  • If you are a studio or business and would like training, then we can come to you.

If you have any questions we would love you to get in touch with us...

Some things can be answered here.....


**Do I need to have already have done any previous fitness qualifications?

 The answer is No. Fitness qualifications are different to our programme. We would require you to have done a minimum of 1 year in taking part in Pilates classes on a regular basis of a Classical nature.


**Do I need to do all of the course if I have already done a Pilates course and im already qualified?

We have recently added our Access Course into our training programmes in order for you to train in our studio programmes. If you want to update your qualification to a Level 3 we suggest you do our full programme, you wont regret it.


**Why is the programme not a national qualification? 

The reason for us writing our own programme and attaining accreditation is that we wanted to pass on our extremely valuable material from an Authentic/ Classical background, from many years of training, working and studying our clients to help them practice Pilates to benefit their physical wellbeing and heal. We feel the national qualification level would not give us enough room to bring you such a full intensive programme.


**What is the difference between Contemporary, Classical and Authentic Pilates?

There are many training bodies out there who may not differentiate what type of training they provide. Knowing the difference can make a huge difference to your learning and progression as a working teacher. Pilates is not a style, it is defined design.


-Contemporary Pilates is more widely used as Pilates in leisure centres and fitness clubs. This is a Pilates style class which is modified and adapted from the original work and the class can be formulated of an array of different exercises, designed by the teacher without the formatted Pilates structure. These sessions are more about movement and the understanding of the exercises are not so deep. These classes may also include a fitness ball or roller which is not part of the original work. Contemporary Pilates has a strong hold in the fitness industry and this is what you will normally find when looking for a Level 3 qualification.


-Fitness Pilates is also used in the same sort of venues, providing more of a body conditioning workout utilising Pilates movements and putting them into routine. The deeper understanding of Pilates is not catered for here. The training for Fitness Pilates is generally done as a 1 or 2 day programme as a bolt on for an Aerobics or Gym qualification.


-Classical Pilates was given its name by Romana Kryzanowska who worked with Joseph Pilates. The Classical format is designed to work through the body with some structure providing the body with a full workout on strength, flexibility and control of the body. The exercises can still be broken down in the desire to reach the complete movement, so the exercises have purpose and development, enabling the client to understand and evolve themselves physically. All the exercises taught are as close to what Joseph taught himself. A studio session would include mat, reformer and then some specific exercises for the client as an individual and a finishing exercise. The training as a Classical Teacher can be in the form of some intense training and can develop from the conversion of Contemporary to Classical for deeper understanding and self development.


-The term of 'Authentic' Pilates is extended from the format of Classical Pilates, and concerns the approach to the body in front of you, working as close to the original material and methods in which Joseph Pilates designed his work. The Authentic approach has been passed down by his Elders and provides a much deeper understanding of the material and the body, thus providing the tools to adjust and develop the client in all aspects of Josephs work in the studio, adapting the exercises to the client and their morphology, and placing the client in the studio where it most suits their body type. This is what we call the "system'. Instead of working on the Reformer, the client may work better with the exercise converted on the Cadillac, still utilising a formatted workout. This is where the deeper knowledge is required as an Authentic Teacher. As Classical Teacher Training the work can be intense and is done as a fully comprehensive programme incorporating Mat and the Studio together as a whole, as this is how to understand the deeper aspect of the material and how it was originally taught.


**Will I be qualified to work abroad?

The answer to this question is Yes! Authentic/ Classical Pilates is recognised all over the world. If this is something you are looking to do we can advise you with this. A Classical Studio would expect you to have a strong understanding of the work.


**Do you offer payment plans?

We can offer a set payment plan, however all deposits must be made prior to the start of the course and the amount stated in the chosen payment plan option. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding a payment plan option.


We accept bank transfer and take credit card, and you can make a payment through Stripe. We can also arrange a direct debit.


**I am coming from a distance, where is best to stay?

The Bodeswell Academy can supply a list of places to stay in the local area, so please let us know if you require assistance.

We also have introduced our 'Online Training' so you can do this from the comfort of your own home.


**I have booked a holiday on one of the course dates, can I skip a date?

We insist that before booking you check the dates of the course and also ensure that you are fully committed to the time during those dates to complete course work. You are expected to attend all dates of the course in order to pass. Once your deposit is paid you are registered and we do not offer refunds.


**I am dyslexic, is this going to affect my training?

Great! We welcome all types of learners, let us know what you need and how we can help you on your registration!.


If we haven't answered your questions yet then please get in touch with us on dee@thebodeswell.com and we will get back in touch as soon as we can.