Dee Bodle 

Originating from a dance background attending The BRIT School of Performing Arts and the Brian Rogers Performers College. She began her Pilates journey at Performers College following a car accident resulting in lateral whiplash whilst already being challenged by her scoliosis.

Dee trained with The Pilates Institute London in 2001, followed shortly by a Reformer training course with STOTT, however it wasn't until 2009 that Dee was able to utilise all her studies on the Reformer and studied with Michael Fritzke and Ton Voogt in a Comprehensive Classical Studio Programme with ‘Classical Pilates Training UK’. This programme was lead from the Romana Kryzanowska strand and elements of Kathy Grant. Dee has also travelled to the United States and Europe attending classes and conventions in Classical Pilates learning from some of the very best in the industry. Working in close proximity to the Chichester Festival Theatre she has also had the pleasure of training professional dancers and top theatre and tv stars.

Dee has trained with Carolyne Anthony on several occasions in Pre and Post Natal Pilates and Pelvic Dysfunction and has a passion for teaching women who look to improve their internal health with the right Pilates Programme. This led to requests as a guest teacher in North Carolina, teaching physical therapists and Pilates Teachers and presenting in a festival setting.


The Body Suite opened in 2007 predominantly as a Pilates Studio and has continued to develop the business and her teaching. Due to Dees business knowledge, as well as teaching the physical aspect of the Teacher Training Course, her role is geared more to writing and delivering the theory along side the business management of the academy and taking care of the learners.

Rafael Gomes 

Comes from a long history of sports from football to athletics, kick boxing, swimming and surfing. He has played football at professional and semi professional level, leading him to become a coach, working with professional football teams in Portugal and the UK.

Following his array of Fitness Teacher training programmes, he worked teaching many fitness classes and working as a Life Guard in Wales and on the shores at Porto in Portugal.  

Branching from his extensive fitness knowledge and teaching skills, he then trained with Uno Pilates Method in Portugal with Fabien Meneghon and Miguel Silva in their Authentic Romana Pilates Programme.  Shortly after training Rafael opened his own Pilates studio and worked in a rehabilitation clinic on clients with injuries, some serious, and those going into or recovering from operations. 


Rafael's arrival in the UK in 2016 began with a blossoming position at The Body Suite with a very large portfolio of clients and his leadership in training staff. Working in close proximity to the Chichester Festival Theatre he has also had the pleasure of training professional dancers and top theatre and tv stars. Rafael leads the physical training at The Bodeswell Academy on the Comprehensive Authentic Pilates Teacher Training Course.