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All events are currently held at:

The Body Suite Pilates and Dance Studio, Chichester in West Sussex. PO19 1HE

The Bodeswell Academy TM prides itself on small group education, so all events at this venue have a maximum number of 12 teachers/ learners per workshop, course or programme.


Body Strength Guru

Ricky Warren


Joint Mobility, Performance and Rehab Workshop


Saturday 23rd March 2019

The Body Suite Pilates and Dance Studio

12 - 4pm

Cost £115.00

Only 10 spaces

Suitable for All Levels


Come join this incredible workshop with Ricky, addressing the physical and mental advancement in us all, taking into account that it's not just athletes that take part in extreme sports and performing arts, where we all want to take up new skills and express ourselves through some sort of movement.

Regardless of the movement style, we must recognise that anatomically and bio-mechanically it is our joints which provide the levers through which we produce force and structure.


Looking after your joints gives efficiency to your movement, keeps them safe from injury and ensures far longer durability so you can continue practising for longer and prevent injury so often.

It also provides a state of relaxation and helps you achieve better form and control during your sport or daily function. For those who don't practice any sports, joint mobility work can also help reverse the overactive postures and tightness, contributing to the rehabilitation process and provides your body with more relaxation and comfort.


The 4 hour workshop will cover discussions and practical work, walking through self myo-fascial release, deep tissue adaptation, joint health/rehab, joint conditioning in the knees, elbows and spine but mainly covering shoulders and hips as the main areas of the body, and strength building.  


This workshop is suitable for teachers of any physical discipline or those who just want to learn for themselves to help their own sport or regular physical programme.

Ricky Warren has been practising advanced bodyweight movement, yoga and mixed martial arts since 7 years old, more recently specialising in Calisthenics since 2012.


As well as coaching internationally, he works on a variety of projects and media productions with brands such as Under Amour, Adidas, Mens Health and more.


His movement school, BodyweightGurus, qualifies fitness professionals with accredited certifications, whilst he coaches athletes and trainers on 1-1 in a variety of skills including biomechanics, mobility and strength. He also works alongside medical professionals to rehabilitate structural injuries such as herniated discs and recovery from broken limbs.


Ricky holds a bachelors degree in biology from the University of London, is a qualified rehab specialist, personal trainer, sports massage therapist and has spent 8 years in a previous career as a Marketing Director Consultant for various SME's. Ricky has a large social media following with over 45,000 people followers on Instagram.


Joint Mobility, Performance and Rehab Workshop


The Musical Mat with Brooke Siler

Friday 7th June 2019

The Body Suite Pilates and Dance Studio

10am - 1pm

Cost £220

Only 10 spaces


The Upper Hand

Friday 7th June 2019

The Body Suite Pilates and Dance Studio

2pm - 5pm

Cost £220



The Upper Hand - Beginner to Intermediate Matwork

Come join in 15-30+ exercises of the Beginner and Basic Intermediate series of the Classical Mat. Learn how to deepen the work through specific hands on help.Participants will be able to experience the system from the perspective of both teacher and student by partnering to experience the tactile cueing. Come prepared to work hard, sweat, touch and be touched.


The Musical MatThis workshop reviews how to teach your Mat sessions based on two governing Pilates Principles, Breath and Fluidity. Taught from the Intermediate Mat order.


Brooke Siler began her Pilates training in 1994 under Joseph Pilates’ protégée Romana Kryzanowska at Drago’s Gym in New York City where she spent a decade studying under Romana’s masterful tutelage.


She opened her award-winning Manhattan studio, re:AB Pilates, in 1997 and was quickly embraced by Hollywood’s A-list from Madonna to Dustin Hoffman. “Brooke gave me the best workout I've ever had in my life!”  Kirsten Dunst, Actress. 


Brooke is best known for penning the New York Times’ best-seller The Pilates Body, which has become the highest grossing Pilates book of all time. She has followed it with titles: Your Ultimate Pilates Body Challenge, The Pilates Body Kit, The Women’s Health Big Book of Pilates and the Pilates Weight Loss for Beginners dvd. 


Brooke has studied anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, fascial networks and cadaver dissection with teachers such as Tom Myers (Anatomy Trains), chiropractic physician Dr. Joe Muscolino (Know The Body), Leslie Kaminoff & Amy Matthews (Yoga Anatomy) and podiatrist Dr. Emily Splichal, under whom she is a certified Barefoot Training Specialist™.


After moving to the UK in 2015 for her family, Brooke still teaches independent classes, workshops, courses and conferences and sits on the advisory board of the Authentic Pilates Union, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the authentic work of Joe Pilates. She has remained at the forefront of the Pilates community for more than 20 years because she remains fiercely passionate, purposeful, authentic and fun!

Brooke Siler Workshops