Our Pre and Post Natal Matwork Qualification (Level 3) provides you with the tools to assess, educate and move your client with practical adaptations, where required, and enable your client to exercise within the safe boundaries considering the physical changes and anatomical design of the female body throughout pregnancy and after childbirth. 


**We run small courses and this course can be done partially or fully Online depending on the environmental concerns of the national health situation or the situation of the individual.

We will adjust the programme schedule accordingly for the health and safety of

all students and tutors.



A Level 3 Matwork Qualification from any Pilates Teacher Training body.


Course Objectives:

  • To learn the relevant anatomy and physiological changes that happen in the body thought each Trimester.
  • To learn and analyse postural changes brought on by pregnancy and evaluate in order to provide the correct programme of exercise.
  • To understand the function and dysfunction of the pelvic floor and the centre muscles.
  • To learn the importance of the connection between the pelvic floor and breathing.
  • To understand the importance of addressing exercise and complications during pregnancy.
  • To learn the adaptation of relevant exercises and evaluate when to use certain props. 
  • To understand diastase recti from the split to the recovery through rehabilitation.
  • To analyse and learn about the connection between the thoracic region and the pelvis whilst rehabilitating diastase recti.
  • To learn the stages of rehabilitation whilst reintroducing exercises and evaluate in order to provide the correct programme of exercise.

Course Subjects

  • Pelvic and spinal anatomy and morphologies, centre muscles, the pelvic floor and pelvic muscles.
  • Breath and muscle connection
  • The 3 Trimesters and physical changes
  • Keeping your client safe, Health and Safety.
  • Pregnancy complications and considerations
  • The healing of diastase recti and fascial connections
  • The breakdown and reintroduction of Pilates exercises for Pre and Post Natal Pilates.


You will be required to produce

  • A designed programme for teaching a Pre Natal client for 10 hours 
  • A Post Natal programme of practice and development for 20 hours

This course is an unregulated course, accredited by the NCFE. Designed and written as a bespoke programme, bringing you a wider and deeper perspective of the subject. 

2021 Dates to be announced

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Pre and Post Natal Pilates