Pilates - Matwork Fusion

The Pilates Fusion Workshop is focused around adding small pieces of equipment to spice up your Matwork Classes.


Pilates Fusion

3 hour Workshop 10.30am-1.30pm

Saturday 5th October 2019


Here we take an array of bands, balls and towels to provide your clients with extra resistance or assistance to get the most out of their class. Clients are able to tap into muscles that were otherwise not functioning, or discover with a some assistance they are able to relax and begin to enjoy the movement, engage and focus, enabling their bodies to evolve and benefit more from your Pilates class.

Matwork Fusion



This workshop is focused on The Magic Circle, using the building blocks for each exercise and providing extra resistance to challenge your clients. The session is based around the Intermediate workout and some advanced and we look at the evolution of the exercise, providing a good base for extra resistance and the signals for you to understand when your client is ready for more.


Magic Circle Workshop

3 hours 2pm - 5pm

Saturday 5th October 2019


Purchase both workshops and receive  

-Complimentary Magic Circle

-Fitness Band

-Soft Over Ball

Magic Circle Workshop