Pilates Studio (Equipment) Foundation Module Level 3


The Bodeswell AcademyTM Foundation Reformer and System is the first part of our 'Comprehensive Pilates Programme' in the studio. We are aware that dividing the programme into sections enables the training programme to become more accessible and affordable to learners.


In order to take part in this programme you must have one of the following;

  • A Bodeswell AcademyTM Level 3 Matwork Qualification
  • Taken the Bodeswell AcademyTM 2 day Classical Access Matwork Course.

The 'Foundation Reformer and System' follows on from the Bodeswell AcademyTM Matwork Course. This is a continued programme of work.


Objectives of the Foundation Reformer

  • to understand the functions and health and safety set up and usage of the Reformer.
  • how to introduce the Reformer to your clients
  • client assessment and appropriate programming 
  • learning and applying the Basic Classical exercises on the Reformer
  • effective teaching positions and queuing 

Objectives of the System Programme


 The purpose of the System exercises are to work with the body you are teaching, providing a tailor made programme to work with injuries, pathologies and morphologies. These are like 'treatment' exercises prescribed to your client after working through the Mat and Reformer (the skeleton) workouts, enabling your client to evolve and heal through the Joseph Pilates Method.

  • to understand the functions and health and safety set up and usage of the Cadillac, Barrel and Chairs, Pedi'o'pole and hand weights. 
  • how to introduce the equipment to your clients.
  • client assessment in order to provide specific exercises
  • learning and applying the Basic Classical System exercises, with Authentic teaching applications and methods.
  • effective teaching positions and queuing.

 What is included

  • 2 days study of 'The Reformer' and teaching practice - 16 hours
  • 1 day study of 'The System' and teaching practice - 8 hours
  • a Bodeswell AcademyTM manual for taking notes.
  • first assessment fee
  • a place to observe teaching


  • £800 - can be paid in monthly installments, please get in touch with us. 


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The Body Suite Pilates Studio

Chichester, West Sussex