We bring you a Classical Qualification from Basic to Advanced Level from the Romana strand, teaching both a private client and a small group.


The study will also bring a Level 3 Qualification and due to the nature and deep content and refined tuning of our course, this is an unregulated/ bespoke course approved by NCFE. We are committed to providing all of our learners with skills, knowledge and structure to ensure each learner feels confident to deal with an array of clients they may come across and be able provide their clients with a highly professional experience that they want to come back to time and time again.


Comprehensive Matwork Teacher Training Qualification - Level 3


Objectives of the Course

  • Analyse the body through anatomy, learning how to identify and correct in-balanced muscle connections and compensation patterns.
  • To be able to identify physical body types and morphologies in order to prescribe the correct Pilates programme in order to help the body adapt to a balanced posture.
  • The course will take you through all the original 34 Mat exercises including modifications from beginner to advanced levels, in order for you to develop a client safely. The exercises are taught as a whole, not divided into levels, however you learn to teach and understand from evolution of the body.
  • Understand the concept and history of Pilates, learning the Pilates Principles.
  • Learn the professional approaches of what is expected of a Pilates Teacher,  'how' to teach each of the exercises, including teaching positions and the hands on method, the language of a Pilates Teacher, all which enables you to communicate and understand your clients needs and become an effective teacher.
  • Learn the adaptations in relation to the most common physical issues and the individual postures of your clients in order to be flexible with your teaching and provide a safe and effective class.
  • To learn the deeper knowledge behind the exercises and the method, understanding the original work created by Joseph Pilates.

If you are interested in training with us and would like to know more information, then get in touch as we would love to hear from you.

You can continue your training by completing our Fully Comprehensive Studio programme.


Only 8 spaces available per course.

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Classical Pilates Matwork Intensive - Level 3


This programme has been based on our original Classical Matwork Qualification, and is designed for those who already have a strong understanding of anatomy, physical morphologies and postures and client management.



Who is this course for?

Pilates Teachers from a different education programme are welcome to attend this programme and qualify with us in Classical at Level 3. We also welcome Physical Therapists.

All attendees must take this programme before attending our Comprehensive Studio Qualification and proof of previous qualifications of level 3 and above need to be provided. 

You will need to pass the application process and supply evidence of previous study of experience, you may also be requested to audition.


You will be required to complete client studies, observation hours, self practice, a practical and theory exam as well as teacher contact time.