Health and Saftey

The Bodeswell AcademyTM takes the health and safety of its learners and the protection of the public very seriously.

We continue to work with all learners in the classroom where we can adhering to all safety measures requested by the government and taking into consideration the opinions and preferences of those who are learning.

If we are temporarily disabled from teaching in the class room we will adapt accordingly to teahing via on an online platform.

We promote health and safety to all our learners and ask all learners to be aware of their own health and be responsible for making personal decisions and taking the relevant health and safety measures to also protect other learners on the course as well as the tutor.


Registrations, Equality and Course Access

The Bodeswell AcademyTM is committed to providing equal opportunities to all students.

We beleive and activly strive in providing  high quality courses to all learners who want to develop new and their existing skills and knowledge in the Pilates Method.

We require all learners to register prior to learning, providing us with relevant details regarding their personal background and learning differences. We do not beleive in discrimination of learners and welcome those who want to learn. Due to the nature of our training and the qualification leading to the nature of the job we may consider that our training may not be suitable in terms of health and safety.



At The Bodeswell Academy TM we pride ourselves on high quality teacher training to all our learners, however sometimes things can go wrong. If you have been unhappy with your training or your experience with The Bodeswell AcademyTM ,or any of our tutors, we would like the opportunity for this to be inverstigated and be put right.

  • Firstly please fill out the complaints form available.
  • Once we have received your complaint we will let you know with an acknowledgement letter, of its receipt within 7 days.
  • We will then look into your complaint and speak to any tutors involved and check your records.
  • We will send you a detailed written reply to your complaint, including his/her suggestions for resolving the matter, within 21 days of sending you the acknowledgement letter.
  • At this stage if you are not happy with the outcome, your complaint will be reffered to our company counsel for a reveiew. The CC will either call on an interview/ meeting for another reveiew or write to you
  • within 21 days with a final outcome.

Click Here for the Complaints Form